Naghmana Sherazi is a scientist, educator,  medical professional and community leader running for City Council District 1, Position 1 in the city of Spokane. Naghmana has called Spokane home for over seven years. She serves on the boards of Refugee Connections, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS), and Muslims for Community Action and Support (MCAS), and is an active member of Center for Justice, Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, and Spokane Coalition of Color, in addition to her role as a columnist for SpokaneFaVS (Spokane Faith & Values - an online, faith-based publication), and as outreach coordinator for Spokane Women Together. Naghmana is also a mother to an 18-year-old son who will be graduating this June from high school.


As a City Councilperson, Naghmana will place the needs and concerns of her district and constituents first. Spokane has 13% of the population, who identify as a minority, Native American, or people of color, yet Spokane’s City Council is not representative of these demographics. Naghmana is running for City Council to better represent her district, and because she feels there is a lack of representation of people of color and immigrants on the city council. Naghmana is uniquely qualified to serve on the City Council because of her deep connections with Spokane’s immigrant, interfaith, and indigenous, colored and impacted communities.

Naghmana’s main concern for her district is quality of life. Affordable housing, local economy and jobs, and the environment directly impact quality of life for her constituents. Life expectancy in Spokane’s 1st City Council district is on average 17 years lower than life expectancy on the South Hill. Rents continue to rise, while wages have stagnated, and many residents are one missed paycheck away from homelessness or bankruptcy. Utility bills are becoming more expensive, and our reliance on gas and fossil fuels is unsustainable. The time is now to make changes and address these issues.

As your City Councilperson, Naghmana will tackle these problems head on. She will advocate for incentive programs to encourage investment in solar and wind energy, rather than increase reliance on fossil fuels. She will work in the community to encourage small business development. Naghmana also recognizes the need to build more low-rent and transitional housing in Spokane to address the current housing crisis.


Mother, Scientist, Medical Professional, and an Active Community Member

Spokane Women Together Outreach Coordinator

Refugee Connections Board Member

Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane (PJALS) Board Member

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, Center for Justice, Muslims for Community Action and Support, Spokane Coalition of Color, Spokane Faith & Values (FaVS) Columnist.